Wonderful nature

Wonderful nature

Powerful, beautiful, amazing, sometimes harsh , nature is THE master, wherever we are. Might be in the air, under the water, on earth, round the corner or into the wild, there is plenty to enjoy, to experience or to learn from.

Just open eyes (and ears…) wide.

Whereas we need compass to guide us, sea turtles living in coastal areas of east Africa are crossing ocean every year. Migrating thousands of miles away they get back instinctually to their native beaches on Brazil’s north eastern coast for nesting season.

Other species have an extreme ability to challenge gravity forces for a good meal!

Some experience hard beginning in life: Watch this stunning “fly or die” trial: compared to Barnacle gosling human life feels really safe and cool…

When lacking determination for a noble or important cause, get inspiration from the dung- rolling beetle here

What a strengh it is!

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