Top Trending Fashion Looks For 2017

Looking forward to leave behind thick coats and sweaters?

Here is a small selection of next summer trends.


Get ready for a romantic summer:  Flower power is back and you will find them blooming everywhere from head to toe and on accessories.  Ruffles, laces, embroideries enhance this bohemian style.

This seventies spirit is mixed with an eighties inspiration in a retro-meet futuristic style. Oversized shoulders, exaggerated and futuristic lines recall some of 80’s space fiction / series.

Nightwear as outerwear is in, as see-through fabrics and stripes.



From powder pink to fuschia and candy pink: this summer you can’t go wrong.

Yellow will also be an option with many shades available such as light lemon or bright canary hue.

Along with the futurist fashion come metallic effects, with gold and silver shining on tops, pants, dresses and shoes.

Insights from London and Milano

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